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"Need A Company To Get You Ahead... "

First, we are pretty cool to work with... Why? Because we get it! We understand what it takes to succeed in today's 2.0 digital economy and we will let you know that by sharing it through straight talk. Right from the start, we'll ask questions (plenty of them), to learn all we can, and be upfront about whether we think we can help your business, or not. If we don't think we can help — or if we think you might be better served by a different firm — we'll tell you. If we think you need to address other issues before embarking on a serious website branding and design effort — we'll tell you that too. Even if it means that we don't get your business. We are going to tell you the truth.

Yes, we are going to tell you the truth because that is who we are and that's how we run our business!!

Second, we don't take just any project that comes our way. We're not a template factory that reproduces the same re-skinned website product 100 times over. It means we give proper attention to all of our client's needs so that we can provide a unique online persona which matches their business goals. If we don't feel that we're right for a project, we won't take it and we'll tell you. We like to merge our client's experience in their field with our expertise in our field. When that formula is put in place, our clients are successful and so are we.

Third, from web branding and website development, to building business analytics to measure our client's business process and success, we know the critical importance that "context" plays in creating our client's online persona and business reputation. Your online persona and business must have contextual meaning, and that's what we provide for our client's website branding, design, and marketing built on contextual compass points.

Because every business is unique, and so too is it's branding and business process — especially niche businesses — we engage our clients and work with them to build personal and business Compass Points in conjunction with the business analytics of the Zero Moment of Truth that drive the success of their business and their professional careers.

Call us to set up your "free" initial consultation...we're people...we'll work with you!

Bob Grigsby, BA / MA
Business Growth Strategist
Branding & Marketing Consultant
Direct Line: 319.936.7704

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"Your branding strategy must match your business strategy...and your business strategy must match your client's wants and needs. That means your branding must match who you serve!"

Context Consulting Group

Empowering Your Brand!

In today's 2.0 economy the strongest and most successful brands maintain message consistency across all media platforms, and your message must do the same to successfully market your brand.

We are branding and marketing professionals who can provide you with a web presence to enhance your business in this digital 2.0 economy.

Because we understand that you need to have an exceptional public face and brand identity to stand out in your market and make your clients take notice, we can provide you with an internet presence that will drive your professional and business success.

Empowering Your Brand Iowa City Branding and Marketing

Do you know which Lifestyle Segments your business should be marketing to and is your branding optimized to capture them?

All The Things We Do...
To Make You Successful !


When we design your online branding presence, we do it with your business goals in mind. Whether it is to make sales, get leads, or just connect more customers with your brand, we know that your company branding needs to be based on all of the key factors in our Summary Guides below, and that those factors are working for you in reaching your business goals. Learn what you need to know about what it takes to be successful in today's online economy.

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"The Zero Moment of Truth — ZMOT — is about marketing you, your business, and your product in today's 2.0 digital economy. And if your website presence — your branding, design, and marketing — are not optimized to win at The Zero Moment of Truth...you lose!"

Context Consulting is an Iowa City based full service agency helping accelerate your business growth using smart strategy combined with creative marketing and digital products. We are a dedicated, fun, hard working team of problem solvers producing results and a one-of-a-kind client experience.

business strategy. marketing. branding. social. We marry our processes with your business goals to develop strategic objectives to help sales and attract new business. We deveolp digital branding into tactical marketing strategies through digital and social media channels. We combine old school experience with new school thinking. Yay!
SEO Iowa City
In order to win at the Zero Moment of Truth, business professionals must synchronize their branding, marketing, and website messaging with their consumer profiles. Essentially, businesses must center on optimizing their website and website SEO language for the information their customers are looking for.

"Personal branding and business website design and development is not easy...in fact, it is quite complex and requires exceptional dialogue with our clients to produce a quality website that actually performs and contributes to the business goals it is intended to deliver."

Bob Grigsby
Shared Purpose and Understanding

We run a business. We buy services as well as sell them. We know both sides very well. So we clearly relate to our client's desires to serve their customers, and take our client's success very seriously. We will not risk your brand for a short term gain for you or us. We believe "trust" is one of the most important ingredients of marketing; it is a brand unto itself. Our website branding and design recommendations are built from understanding your core branding strengths, and other opportunities we see in the marketplace that affect you. And that starts with us performing an audit of your current website to assess your brand's health.

Our clients trust us with preserving and protecting the proprietary data we produce for building and promoting their website brand, knowing we will not share cross-competitor data with anyone. No matter how many times we get asked.
When you choose Context for your Web Branding & Design, we personally work with you through every phase of your website project and are also there for whenever you need any assistance.

Because we integrate Compass Points, branding, and business analytics into each website we design and develop for our clients, each website we design is unique and takes a different amount of time and effort to produce, so our pricing is based on each individual project.

We don't just create a website; we meticulously carve a business platform that is completely unique to you, appeals to your target audience, and becomes the foundation for your business growth and success.

The Push Factor!

We build email marketing strategies for our clients that directly focuses on their customer demographic segmentation through push/pull email campaigns which emotionally capture their interest and call-to-action engagement. We professionally design every email to meet each of our clients’ unique branding, and create message content specific to their customer’s interest and need. These efforts are further enhanced by providing a robust email platform which can deliver over 60,000 emails a month to our client’s database customers.

Email Marketing Solutions for Your Business Success

We partner with you to drive more revenue for your business by leveraging your branding and marketing messages by providing your company with email marketing solutions to capture that Zero Moment of Truth your business requires to be successful in today’s 2.0 economy.

messaging + email = ZMOT

Messaging and Deliverability

We understand businesses are challenged with personalizing their email messaging and deliverability. Whether it's optimizing list growth, converting prospects, growing value, or retaining customers, your marketing message must reach your customer base…and drive revenue. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through creating smart strategic email campaigns for your business.

The Pull Factor!

Creating Digital Ad-videos Relevant to Targeted Segments (DARTS) is one of the most successful elements of online digital marketing efforts we undertake for our clients. Producing short thirty second to sixty second branding videos, as well as longer educational and tutorial videos for our clients, is essential in today’s online business economy. We shoot and produce both professional photography and videography in creative ways to optimize our clients branding profiles through omni-channel distribution and syndication, and apply advanced SEO strategies to further enhance our client’s digital marketing profiles.

Video Marketing Is A Must!

According to a recent forecast from Cisco, consumer Internet video traffic worldwide will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014. This trend impacts all industries, and it is clear that video is no longer a nice to have for progressive organizations — it’s a must.

Although videos are extremely important, you shouldn’t create videos just for the sake of creating them. Videos need to be well planned and have a clear purpose to make an impact. They can range from quick and inexpensive to long, costly projects, and therefore you need to find a balance that will fit your budget and keep viewers engaged.

Videos Boost Engagement!

Videos can be used as standalone items for product marketing, company overviews, tutorials and much more, but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for effective video marketing. One of the best uses of video is incorporating short clips into marketing campaigns as another medium to get your message across.

For example, below is a short video we put together for our friends at the Iowa City Alzheimer's Association to showcase their volunteers and lift up their current marketing efforts to help boost engagement and add power to their pre-existing promotional materials.

Iowa City
Alzheimer's Association Video

We like to relax too!!

Wine at 5...a cheese board and friends...is how we like to end most of our days.

It doesn't always work out that way...but it's nice when it does.

We're social scientists, so socializing is very much a big part of what we do everyday. We are forever engaged in the sociology and social psychology of our community, and the human social interactions within it...always observing and learning about the vibrant pulse of everyday living, work, and play.


Because we are a research, training and consulting company that specializes in engagement marketing. We show businesses how to use emotional persuasion to supercharge customer loyalty and build revenue. And you can't do that if you are setting behind a desk and in front of a computer everyday...
So we are always engaged in understanding the dynamic needs, values, priorities, and emotions that drive people...so that we can incorporate them into our branding and marketing strategies as a guide to help our clients identify their own business purpose, and how to implement a purpose-driven strategy that embraces and engages not only their customers...but their employees, vendors and investors.

Collecting customers isn’t enough anymore. Brands must now build a tribe and actively advocate for that tribe.

Want to build a powerful emotional marketing connection with your customers? Call us...and let's meet over a glass of wine!

And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin

A few thoughts for you to ponder...

Rise Above The Noise

There is a lot of noise on the Internet. Everyone vying for a place to be seen and heard, all wanting to be successful with whatever venture they are engaged with; whether personal or professional branding or website e-commerce, everyone on the Internet wants to be noticed and drive traffic to their site — after all, that's what the Internet is all about...!

To rise above the noise you must change the way you engage your client-customer. The new generation of consumers is reachable, but you have to know who they are, what they do, where they live and more.

Do you know which Lifestyle Segments your business should be marketing to and is your website optimized to capture them?

It's Time To Change

It's time to change the dynamics of how you do business in today's 2.0 economy. It just is...!

Understanding consumers and their needs in this evolving digital environment is a crucial business task. Prioritizing and targeting the best customers for the greatest return on marketing investment requires an updated and accurate customer segmentation strategy.

Additionally, unifying marketing frameworks across traditional and digital media platforms with defined customer segments enables maximum customer engagement, profitable acquisition, increased customer loyalty, retention and lifelong brand value.

Zero Moment of Truth

What you need to know to win at the ZMOT, when people are making their decisions online.

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is fundamentally about getting closer to the customer. To do this, you need to understand them. What are they looking for? When? What information do they have already? What's their state of mind? Whether a large or small business, your business branding, website design, and marketing strategies must be tied to the Zero Moment of Truth.

Understanding the Zero Moment of Truth in today's online business economy is critical, no matter what industry you are in...and your website strategy must match your business strategy!

Comfort Zone

Einstein said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

Too many professionals and businesses today have become comfortable with the status quo of doing the same ineffective branding and marketing over and over again hoping for a different result. In essence, they have become "comfortable with being uncomfortable" and have become comfortably numb to the deficiencies of their current branding and marketing strategies that are actually hurting their business.

Are you comfortably uncomfortable...? We'll help you get outside your comfort zone!

Empowering Your Brand

Many businesses do not understand that their client-customers want to be part of something that engages the passion and optimism of their engagement journey with companies. They want professionals and companies they do business with to care about them more than just the profits the client-customer generates for the company.

So what motivates the purchase of one brand, or one commodity, over another?

At Context Consulting, we're experts at identifying the most powerful emotions, attitudes and beliefs that drive your customers. We can help you translate these drivers into compelling messaging that turns prospects into customers and customers into loyal followers.

We love Helping People

We love helping people reach their personal and professional intentions. Yes. We love it!

Empowering your brand is a shared responsibility between you and us. Our efforts and engagement with helping you build an awesome online experience with your client-customer is more than a handshake...it's a hug!

It's about building personal and professional relationships that matter...that stand for something meaningful!! It's about building client-customer networks or tribes...that "value" you, your product, and how you do business...and the impact you have on their lives.

Have you hugged your tribe today...?

And The time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

so get outside your comfort zone...



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